The School for Scandal Richard Brinsley Sheridan

About the play Are you ready for some scandal?

In its 40th year, Glenbrook Players presented, Richard Sheridan’s The School for Scandal, directed by Tania M C Lewis.

This Georgian Comedy might seem light years away from 21st century Sydney, but good comedy transcends time and place. Imagine a combination of Blackadder III and Mean Girls all mixed up with a liberal dose of Dangerous Liaisons and Amadeus and you have this 18th century gem.

Meet meddlesome Lady Sneerwell and her School for Scandal; a group of aristocratic idlers with a penchant for ruining reputations; and you have all the ingredients you need for a rollicking good evening out, egad! The gentlefolk on the receiving end of the malice include Sir Peter and his much younger Lady Teazle, a parade of amorous suitors vying for the affections of Sir Peter’s ward, Maria, and a pair of errant brothers eagerly anticipating the arrival of their rich uncles inheritance. Uncle, Sir Oliver, has other plans.

Fashions and language may have changed, but The School for Scandal has kept audiences in stitches for over two centuries. Watching people meddle in other’s affairs, as they dig holes for themselves . . . and keeping right on digging, remains as relevant and funny as it ever did. This production was visioned to keep audiences enthralled and laughing from start to finish.

Costumes and wigs for the production were designed and created by Jill Hogwood, featuring an attention to historical detail to delight audiences. An innovative set design by John Cervenka, was coupled with the lighting skills and experience of Kate O’Neill and a line-up of talented performers from the Blue Mountains and Penrith.

Opening night was a triumph and will remain a treasured and enduring memory for cast, crew and audience alike.

Director's Note Too much time, too much money, lots of scandal

Special thanks to: Dion Strasiotto for assistance with the Projectors; Cassandra McGrath, you have been my Assistant Director in all but name; Michael Baker from WSU who generously gave up his time to sort out the projectors; Feisty, for additional help with lighting; Steve Wray for making the footlights. A Special Thank You to Steve Lewis without whom nothing would be as much fun.

Welcome to a journey back in time, 250 years give or take, to a world not entirely different from the one you already know. Yes, the dialogue sits somewhere between Shakespeare and Dickens and you might need to tune your ear in a bit to get the gist of it, but it is witty and sarcastic, poking fun, as it does, at the fashions and morals of the day. The frequent asides are different from modern theatrical technique but make for an intimate experience with you, the audience. Imagine a cross between ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Blackadder III’ and you are somewhere in the ballpark for this light hearted comedy of manners.

The story revolves around two brothers, at odds with each other, who are in line to receive a fortune. But which is the good brother and which the bad? Only their Uncle can find out and how he sets about doing this will have you rolling in the aisles. Meanwhile, Lady Sneerwell has her finger in a number of pies as she and her ‘School For Scandal’ attempt to manipulate events to their own ends. Add into the mix a middle aged man who marries a much younger woman, a thieving servant and a young beauty whom everyone wants to marry and you have all the ingredients for a rollicking good evening at the theatre.

In this our 40th year, the Glenbrook Players continues to offer you a diverse range of plays to entertain our patrons from The Blue Mountains and beyond. As you will see from the cast, we are nurturing young performers and working closely with industry practitioners to bring you increasingly high quality performances. This production features well researched period costumes designed and produced by long standing member Jill Hogwood, a set designed by former Sydney Opera House designer John Cervenka, lighting by SOH Senior Lighting Technician and our reveal of our new projection equipment which will enhance your 250 journey back in time.

As a first time Director with The Glenbrook Players, I would like to offer my thanks to all members who have supported me and given me this wonderful opportunity. To you, our audience, thank you for supporting us by coming to see The School For Scandal. Here’s to the NEXT 40 years.

Tania M C Lewis