Frequently Asked Questions

This page is specifically designed to answer any questions you may have about our group, our productions and how to purchase tickets.

Buying Tickets

How do I buy a ticket?

You can buy a ticket online through the Glenbrook Cinema website or by calling the cinema directly. Ticket sales open in the weeks leading up to the show, so make sure you keep an eye on our website and social media. Glenbrook Players is proud to be working in association with Glenbrook Cinema for ticket sales.

Can I buy in person, on the day?

Absolutely! Be aware however, that certain times are more popular than others so you may run the risk of not being able to buy a ticket if a show sells out ahead of time.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! For groups of 10 or more, we offer a 10% discount. Call the Glenbrook Cinema line on (02) 4739 4433 for more information after tickets go on sale.

I helped out on the production, how do I claim my complimentary ticket?

Call the cinema on (02) 4739 4433 to arrange your ticket. If there are any issues, please contact the committee.

Questions about Glenbrook Players

Who are the Glenbrook Players?

We are a multi-skilled group of creatives seeking to bring quality theatre to the Lower Blue Mountains. Our group is made up of a myriad of people. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us. Our focus is not just on theatre, there is a strong focus on community and friendship as well. To find out more about membership, please go to the Membership page.

Where are you located?

Glenbrook Players is located at the corner of the Great Western Highway and Ross St in Glenbrook in the same building as the Glenbrook Cinema. The majority of our rehearsals and shows take place within the building. During production times, our rehearsals take place in the theatre itself and in the side hall. To contact us, please use the Contact Us page on the website or through social media.

Are any of you paid as professionals?

No. We are a not for profit company made up of volunteers. However, our productions are made to the highest possible standard and we aim to be as professional as possible before, during and after performances.

When do you put on shows?

Glenbrook Players hosts two major productions a year in May and November. Smaller membership exclusive and community events may happen more frequently during the year.

What is the cost to join and why do you charge a membership fee?

Memberships are $35 a year. Fees help cover insurance for all cast and crew including our front of house team. Membership also means you have increased opportunities to know what is happening in the group, what performances may be coming up, and contribute to the running of the Players.

Members who actively participate in the running of a production are entitled to a free ticked to that performance.

What are the benefits of joining Glenbrook Players?

Joining Glenbrook Players has benefits that go beyond participating in our shows.

Benefits include

  • Access to our member’s only newsletter
  • Invitations to social gatherings (we are a friendly bunch!)
  • Invitations to special events such as play readings
What is your relationship to Glenbrook Cinema?

Glenbrook Players and Glenbrook Cinema are proud to be working in cooperation to bring entertainment and art to the Lower Blue Mountains community. Working in partnership, Glenbrook Cinema is able to facilitate ticket sales through their website and also run the box office and candy bar during our shows. This means you can enjoy our shows with popcorn, a choc top and a glass of wine!

Participating in productions

Do I have to be a member to audition?

No. You may audition without being a member however, if you are cast or are helping backstage or front of house, you will need to join and pay your fees. This helps cover you for insurance.

How do I find out more about auditions?

There are a number of ways to find out about auditions.

  1. Come along to the Information Night for each show. Dates will be posted on the website and social media. Further information will also be emailed to members.
  2. Become a member and we will email you about upcoming auditions.
  3. Keep checking our Audition Information page on the website.
  4. Follow us on social media
I've never been on stage, can I audition?

Absolutely! It is important to note, we are not an acting school, however, we will help you along every step of the way through your on-stage journey should you be cast in a production.

What are auditions like?

Please note – Whilst all information on this page is correct, audition processes are completed at the discretion of each individual director.

While we take each production incredibly seriously we try to make auditions as calm as possible! Auditions are usually held in the theatre and are usually open auditions. We try to make the audition process as friendly and welcoming as possible. It’s important to note, the director¬†wants you to do well! Auditions can be a long process so make sure you free up your night (or day) if you intend on auditioning.

Do I have to attend the Information Night to audition?

No. However, the information night is a chance for you to get to know the play and the characters. If you are really wanting a part, come along as it will help.

Should I audition in costume or learn the script for my audition?

Not usually. However, it is best to prepare. Costumes are a choice you can make if it helps you to feel in character during auditions. You will usually be allowed to read off a script during auditions. “Cold reads” can backfire so prepare, prepare, prepare!

When will I find out if I got the part?

The director will usually advise this at the information night and during auditions. It is generally within a few days following auditions. The director will call, so keep your phone on!

I didn't get the part, can I still participate?

Absolutely! We are always in need of backstage crew and front of house teams.

What backstage roles are there?

This depends on each production. Generally, there is a need for stagehands, a stage manager (dependent on experience), props managers, costume assistants, sound design, and lighting assistants. The list goes on! If you are interested in participating backstage, let the director know. They will inform you where help is needed

What are your rehearsal times?

Rehearsals are usually on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7 pm-10 pm at the theatre. There are two Sundays in the lead-up to the show for technical and dress rehearsals. Please note, additional rehearsals may be called at the director’s discretion.

I'm busy on a day when rehearsals are on, is this ok?

It is vital you let the director know when you may not be available. We are flexible to a degree. There are certain dates however that cannot be adjusted such as dress rehearsals, technical rehearsals, and show dates.

I need to get in contact with the director to ask a question before auditions but I don't know how!

Send a message to us through the website or through social media and we will get you in touch!