Currently there are no auditions scheduled. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for any future audition notices.

General Audition Question and Answers

Please note that while this information is generally correct for Glenbrook Players, all auditions are conducted at the director’s prerogative and some differences may occur. Please see our code of conduct before auditioning.

Do I have to be a member to audition?

No. You may audition without being a member however, if you are cast or are helping backstage or front of house, you will need to join and pay your fees. This helps cover you for insurance.

How do I find out more about auditions?

There are a number of ways to find out about auditions.

  1. Come along to the Information Night for each show. Dates will be posted on the website and social media. Further information will also be emailed to members.
  2. Become a member and we will email you about upcoming auditions.
  3. Keep checking our Audition Information page on the website.
  4. Follow us on social media

I’ve never been on stage, can I audition?

Absolutely! It is important to note we are not an acting school, however, we will help you along every step of the way through your on-stage journey should you be cast in a production.

What are auditions like?

While we take each production incredibly seriously we try to make auditions as calm as possible! Auditions are usually held in the theatre and are usually open auditions. We try to make the audition process as friendly and welcoming as possible. It’s important to note, the director wants you to do well! Auditions can be a long process so make sure you free up your night (or day) if you intend on auditioning.

Do I have to attend the Information Night to audition?

No. However, the information night is a chance for you to get to know the play and the characters. If you are really wanting a part, come along as it will help.

Should I audition in costume or learn the script for my audition?

Not usually. However, it is best to prepare. Costumes are a choice you can make if it helps you to feel in character during auditions. You will usually be allowed to read off a script during auditions. “Cold reads” can backfire so prepare, prepare, prepare!

When will I find out if I got the part?

The director will usually advise this at the information night and during auditions. It is generally within a few days. The director will call so keep your phone on!

Additional information can be found on our FAQ page.