Future Productions

Glenbrook Players is proud to announce A Cheery Soul to be performed in November 2024 directed by John Bailey and Ainslie Yardley. 

Set in the time of Robert Menzies, Sunday roasts and Godly devotion, A Cheery Soul is Patrick White’s second play located in the fictional Western Sydney suburb of Sarsaparilla. Miss Docker is the eponymous cheery soul, who finds herself homeless after being asked to move out of her niece’s home. Mr & Mrs Custance invite this ‘soul of goodness’ into their home only to discover that they have invited chaos into their tidy lives. She always loudly speaks the truth, just far too much of it. Her next move is to the Sundown Home for Old People where Miss Docker brings her special gifts to upend the life of the residents and staff while focussing her spiritual insights on the handsome Reverend Wakeman who dies while delivering a forceful sermon on the “sin of militant virtue”. The play ends with Miss Docker alone on a bare stage, forcing her way forward against the wind whilst everyone else enjoys their Sunday dinner.