Committee roles and responsibilities

Our committee is responsible for the governance of Glenbrook Players Inc. and plays a core role in deciding the creative direction of the group.

A new committee is elected by the membership each year at our AGM. Committee members may stand for more than one term.

The committee is made up of an executive (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary) and three general committee members. This committee maintains the financial affairs of the group; its statutory reporting; maintains records of the group membership; provides information to the membership; and arranges bookings of the Glenbrook Theatre, rehearsal spaces and any other approved venues.

The committee plays a key role in selecting directors for the plays we produce and reviews and approves the shows and workshops put to the committee for inclusion in our programme.

The committee maintains an overview of all productions during the production period; manages the publicity for the shows; maintains oversight of the website and all social media hosted by the group and arranges social functions.

If you are interested in contributing to the governance and direction of the group, you may wish to nominate and stand for one of the positions on the Committee. Have a look at the rules for nomination for details on what to do.


The current committee

The committee is elected annually at the AGM of the Group, normally held in February each year.

For 2024 the committee members are:

  • President: John Bailey
  • Vice President: John Forbes

  • Secretary: Wilver Valesco

  • Treasurer: Robyn Pope

  • General Member: Madeline Sheehy
  • General Member: Anita Nau-Kleinmann
  • General Member: Stewart Macpherson



The current Constitution of Glenbrook Players Inc. as passed at the February 2011 AGM.

A copy of the current Constitution can be found here.