Kimberley Hopkinson

Kimberley is the Director of Learning at a school for students with disabilities, and is a former English and Drama teacher. Her love for theatre started in high school and extended to her tertiary studies. Kimberley’s favourite Shakespeare play is Othello. This is her first time in a community theatre production; Kimberley is looking forward to making new connections and being on stage again.

Kimberley Hopkinson

Antipholus of Syracuse

Kimberley Hopkinson

There have been many stints that Geoff has had in amateur theatre, going back to high school. This most recent one began last year with five supporting roles in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Professor Plum in Clue, and the lead role in War of the Worlds for the Brook Community Theatre; and Ford Prefect in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the Glenbrook Players. He looks forward to all the projects he can sink his teeth into.

Geoff Hacker


This is Jorja's first time on stage for Glenbrook Players after Stage Managing Ada and the Engine earlier this year. She is looking forward to performing with a talented group of performers.

Jorja Harrison

Antipholus of Ephasus

Kimberley Hopkinson

Usually a musical person, stepping out of my comfort zone to try something new, and meet new people! Lots of musicals under my belt, no plays, so why not start with something easy, like Shakespeare?????

Karen Woolley


Kimberley Hopkinson

Tayah has an Advanced Diploma of Theatre and Screen (Acting) from Sydney Theatre School and teaches drama at Westside Performing Arts. On screen, she has appeared in the Kylie Gale music video, Upside Down, and in a feature-length adaptation of Cymbeline(The Queen). On stage, she has performed in various productions with STS, Q Theatre, Chippen Street Theatre, The First Straw Co-Op, Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney, and Henry Lawson Theatre. Some of her notable work includes The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot (Satan), Room To Move (Ellie), Oh Nanna! (Carla), We Do Weddings (Saraya), and most recently The Crucible (Abigail). Tayah is looking forward to diving back into the language of Shakespeare and performing in a new theatre with some amazingly talent people.

Tayah Gulyas

Merchant 2/Courtesan

Zak first joined Glenbrook Players as a sound operator in their production of Lend Me A Tenor. He later went on to play the role of Lord Byron in Ada and the Engine earlier this year. Zak is excited to immerse himself in the confusing, yet hilarious story of A Comedy of Errors.

Zak Harrison

Duke Solinus and Balthazar

Kimberley Hopkinson

This is my adult stage debut. I’ve directed and produced several school productions over the past couple of decades. I’m looking forward knowing all my lines!

Sherene B. Mitchell


Kimberley Hopkinson

I am a Dunghutti man, born and raised in the Blue Mountains. I studied acting and dance at the Aboriginal Centre from the Performing Arts in 2011 and graduated Acting for Film and Television at the International Screen Academy in 2015. I returned to the stage with the Glenbrook Players and has since taken part in a number of shows. I'm looking forward to performing Shakespeare again as I've always loved his poetic words and phallic humour

Tre Doyle


Angela has worked with local theatre companies for the past few years. She has played a variety of roles, enjoying them all and looks forward to entertaining you in Comedy of Errors. She is enjoying the physicality of the role- something she doesn't often get to do. She loves working with such a wonderful cast and crew.

Angela Pezzano

Dromio of Ephesus

Kimberley Hopkinson

Apollonia, playing as the loveable punching bag - Dromio of Syracuse is a Drama student in Nepean CAPA High School. She has been acting since the age of 8 and has performed at many in-school and out-of-school festivals. Apollonia is quite thrilled to be performing her first ever play out of school, "Comedy of Errors"! Please sit comfortably and enjoy a wonderful and humorous story; full of misconception and bewilderment!

Apollonia ZIvanovic

Dromio of Syracuse