Treading the Boards – Lara Campbell

Lara Campbell’s love for performing started at age seven, doing ballet at the Glenbrook School of Arts where she is now treading the boards in Cloudstreet with the Glenbrook Players. When asked what brought her to the Glenbrook Players,  Lara explains “ After high school, I had a strong urge to continue my acting but wasn’t sure how to start. My dad was friends with the wonderful Rebecca Dean and he thought that seeing one of Glenbrook Players’ shows would help motivate me to get back into it. We watched The 39 Steps production and was immediately impressed and keen to become part of such a creative group. I signed up at the beginning of the next year as a member and have been so fortunate to be surrounded by people who love acting as much as I do”.
Lara’s first show with the Players was backstage for Orson’s Shadow and has followed that up with the roles of Mary, Lucy and Pansy in Cloudstreet, three young women who form relationships with three of the male characters in the show and what Lara is loving the most is “seeing all the different interactions between characters and how every relationship takes a different form”.

Not only does Lara work with the Players both on and off stage, she has recently been elected to their committee. When asked why she decided to take on this responsibility, Lara says “I thought it would be an incredible opportunity to be able to understand more of the behind the scenes action that allows the whole Glenbrook Players experience to run smoothly. I also thought it would be great to represent a younger generation in the decisions that are made so that a broader audience can be reached. I’m hoping to achieve some personal goals such as working as a team to get to a solution, building confidence to share my thoughts and learning about more practicalities involved in running Glenbrook Players. I would also like to help the committee in making decisions that encompass any voice that feels it isn’t getting heard, and making sure that everyone can feel involved somehow”.

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Written by Angela Pezzano

Angela Pezzano has appeared in multiple plays during her time at Glenbrook Players. She also a playwright and recently directed a reading of her own work Behind Closed Doors with the Glenbrook Players.

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